South West London Cadets receive donation towards training

The Metropolitan Masonic Charity has donated £5,000 as part of the Metropolitan Grand Master’s Tercentenary Appeal to the SW London Army Cadet Force (SWLACF) to fund the cadets (aged 13-18 yrs) from inner London to have more training opportunities – home & abroad.

In 2014 the SWLACF in conjunction with St Lucia Cadet Corps (SLCC), agreed to a Cadet Exchange Programme, each organisation supporting the other through the provision of resources and the sharing of skills and ideas. In 2014 South West London donated two thousand sets of DPM uniform to the SLCC and in Summer 2015 the inaugural Cadet Exchange Programme began with seventeen Cadets, Adult Instructors and Officers from the UK visiting St Lucia to take part in the SLCC’s Summer Camp and eight Cadets, Adult Instructors and Officers from the SLCC travelling to the UK to take part in the SWLACF Annual Camp.

Major Edward Marshal of the SWLACF said it is only with the incredible support of charities such as Metropolitan Masonic Charity that we can afford to give the young people of inner London the chance to truly understand a foreign country and its culture, this can only come through exploration. Lifelong bonds of friendship were forged through life changing experiences. We can’t thank the London Masons enough for their generosity to support this ongoing programme.